In a prestigious villa, immersed in the greenery of the charming island of Ischia, our solutions will allow you to spend relaxing and pleasant holidays.
Our structure was formerly owned by Theo Wormland: textile merchant, art collector, patron and founder of Theo Wormland-Stiftung (artistic foundation) and Wormland Uternehemens (chain of clothing stores). In his lively aesthetic spirit and in his deep love for art, he could not but remain enthralled by the beauty of the Ischian landscape that can be admired from our complex.
Hence the inspiring principle of our structure: the harmonious relationship between artificial beauty, fruit of the human spirit, and natural beauty. In this framework there is our choice to emphasize the continuous relationship between “internal” and “external”. In fact, our housing solutions reproduce the sensations and colors of some works of art from the collection of Theo Wormalnd we selected, in the spectacular scenario of the island of Ischia, natural beauty and a riot of colors, flavors and traditions.
The swimming pool, the garden and the breathtaking views that can be admired from the terrace of the villa complete the scenario that will give our guests an engaging and pleasant relaxing atmosphere.
The villa is located 10 minutes walk from Ischia Porto, with numerous services and commercial activities and is the starting point to reach the most beautiful beaches of the island and the famous spas.